Tuesday, May 20, 2008

flowers, take one

For Mother's Day, we hosted brunch for 20 in our large and rather wild backyard. It was delicious and sunny and really fun (I do love a good get together at our house), but more importantly it was my mom's and my first chance to test out flowers for the wedding. Such a good sport, my mom. Saturday morning, we braved the pre-Mother's Day streets of downtown's infamous Flower Market. Wha-wha wee-wha. It is crazy down there! But we did make it back with a car full of test flowers. Now I imagine the whole experience could have been more successful had I actually made use of the hours of research I've done for our wedding flowers and planned a little before just jumping into the ruckus. But alas, not really my style. Here we go:

And as an added bonus I took my mom to Alix & Kelly, the designers of what I think is MY DRESS, whose beautiful studio is just a few blocks from the market in the fashion district.

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