Tuesday, June 24, 2008

dress me up groom

One of the things I dislike the most in weddings (as far as the fashion aspect goes at least) is when the groom looks just like his groomsmen. eew. We're trying to figure out what Brock should wear and one thing on my mind is the ever-stylish and pleasantly retro white dinner jacket. I happened upon McDreamy wearing just the outfit I have in mind in a recent issue of Mens Vogue! total score. (please excuse the tattered edges, i've been toting it around in an issue of Martha since tearing it out a month or so ago.)

Totally love the no tie, effortlessly sophisticated vibe. I think we're going for a modern frank sinatra meets james bond meets (of course) brad pitt? It feels palm springs-y no? We are on a dinner jacket mission this weekend.


east side bride said...

He does look McDreamy! I love the rumpled hair.

Anonymous said...

did you find the dinner jacket? i dont know where to find this look.