Thursday, August 28, 2008

martha's real weddings

oh, this is outstanding news. (I'm sure i'm late on this train, but still) Martha Stewart has posted real weddings. FINALLY. i mean seriously, what was the hold up? it's all we really want to see. and of course we've seen these in the mag already, but still. i like being able to visit them from the comfort of my computer.

These are some good-looking groomsmen, if you ask me. And their suits are amazing. I love how stylish they all look. I'm so over the rented tuxedo. Isn't that Vince from Entourage there in the middle?


east side bride said...

I dig them, except for the shoes. What is it about loafers?!

Anonymous said...

You are too funny . . what's the hold up? lol. I do agree. I too am over the traditional tix thing. However, it takes a certain man to pull of powder blue.

elSage said...

I love these groomsmen... so much that I out them in my wedding Wednesday. Your style rocks!

Check it out if you're so inclined:

elSage sustainable designs

Tuxedo said...

Nice white suits men! Its really cool your look more elegant.