Tuesday, March 10, 2009

chamomile flowers and sparkly vintage tulle

At least I think those might be chamomile flowers. and I think that might be some sort of netting. But chamomile and tulle sound so much better for a title.

Summery wedding attire? But don't wear those exact sandals. I don't like them with their monogram C's. I'm, in general, anti obnoxiously branded apparel and accessories. There are certain exceptions of course, but these sad little C's are not it. And there are many lovely flat sandals that would do perfectly in their stead.

I'm sorry Coach. I like your supple leather and occasionally your handbags, especially when I purchase them at your outlet store in Mammoth, but right now I'm just using you for your photo stylings.

Also, I'm digging that pinky nude polish.


Brittany said...

I love that nail polish. I found a very similar color when I went to sephora to buy the modern chic that you blogged about.

Would you mind checking out my blog post today about our popcorn bar? You're so creative, I would love your input!

Itinerant Studio/Look Photography said...

Looks like chamomile to me...the German variety that you can make tea from. So yummy and smells so good! Nice post.

Cassi said...

Wow. I just saw these shoes last night at The Rack, and I thought the SAME thing about the silly "C's".. In fact, I have to say (in an absolutely uncreepy way) that you just might be my doppleganger. I just stumbled across your blog yesterday for the first time, and after perusing it for two hours (while at work) I realized we are freakishly alike. The way you write, your interests, your wedding, your hobbies, your taste, your fav blogs, your house decor, etc... The list goes on.. Just as an example, I made 100+ jars of homemade Pear Preserves using local pears from a friend's farm for my wedding favors--my wedding is this October in Sacramento. I feel like I know you--again, :::hopefully not sounding creepy:::--and I'll be following your blog, so, keep up the fabulous work, and thanks! :)