Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MOMA is free on friday eves

And by some strange coincidence, every time I come to New York I happen by MOMA at the perfect time. Which means I haven't enjoyed an uncrowded gallery in many moons, but I don't mind the people so much.

There's a neat works on paper exhibit on right now.

I love art that is meticulous and organized... because I could never have the patience to make such a thing myself.

But I also adore things like RR's huge mixed media pieces

and quilts made from little pattened paper

and elizabeth peyton's dreamy portraits

And just going to see art in general. Which we have lots of here in LA, but I never seem to leave my backyard on the weekends... must do something about that.


Jill said...

so beautiful. i need to get over there again. hope you had a lovely trip!

Color Me Green said...

if i had a backyard i'd never leave it either! darn nyc small spaces.

Molly said...

there's a Mother's Day breakfast at MoMA for any blog readers in the area. Breakfast + tour = $60. Should be fab!

Carlene said...

this is awesome!