Friday, December 18, 2009

It's a project kind of weekend

Actually it started last night with the first round of wrapping. Now the living room floor is covered in little bits of paper scraps and ribbon trims. And I'm enjoying an eggnog-y coffee and listening to Christmas with the Rat Pack and plotting my course of project action for the next few days. Which includes a bit of baking, a few little errands, more wrapping, two birthday parties, and beginning to pack for 10 days out of town to San Diego and then to Mammoth.

And since they don't let hugely pregnant people on the ski slopes, I have to bring an entire car full of project supplies to keep me occupied in front of the fire. I have a SNEAKING suspicion that my most wonderful husband has succumbed to my incessant whining and will be giving me my sewing machine for Christmas. yessssssssssss. Which means I will be bringing it to Mammoth along with stacks of fabric so I can make a few things while I'm up in the snow. Including a few more strands of bunting flags for baby presents to a dear friend and to myself.

In a moment of weakness, while innocently looking up a project on their blog, I ordered a few more yards of fabric from Purl last night. Now that I am a "seamstress" I can do things like that. Maybe sewing will be my true calling. I will buy a lot of fabric and see how I take to it.

Happy Birthday to my ladies Leslie and Deja today!

And everyone have a festive weekend wearing sequins and tights and other cute things that I don't own because I cannot fit into them.


bigBANG studio said...

can't believe i am new to purl have i been knitting along blindly without this blog?!

and i do very much hope you get the sewing machine, and that you sew yards and yards of fabulous buntings.

also, thought you might find this rather delightful for still-hip-but-child-appropriate nursery decorating...rob ryan wall decals for the wee bairn:

heaven, right? cheers!

g/d said...

Ooooh, welcome to the magical world of wondering where you are going to store all your fabric!

Rachel said...

I really only took up sewing to justify my fabric habit. It totally works - no one questions your need for pretty fabrics once you have a sewing machine.

Unknown said...

my first blog birthday wishes EVER!!! Thanks, friend.

Mark Tomlinson said...

Great reading yourr blog post