Thursday, April 22, 2010

family weekend at the ace ps

If our child was old enough to enjoy this, we'd be there in two shakes of lamb's tail. But he's 8 weeks old, so I think most of this would be lost on him...

Attention So. Cal families: the Ace Hotel (the most popular hotel on the interwebs) is hosting the Art of Exchange, a retreat at the Ace for kids and families, THIS WEEKEND. Which means two days and nights of interactive workshops, activities, projects, movie night and smores, whilst lounging by the pool in perfectly civilized weather. None of this 64 degrees and windy.

How fun is that? Karen Kimmel is the mistress of ceremonies and will be leading projects like potato printing, mini gardens, dioramas, and knitting... just good old fashioned crafts that kids love to do. And parents get to partake in vodka popsicles, poolside BBQ and the like. I'm seriously hoping they host another one of these in the fall when Dashiell is at least sitting up and I can go make all the crafts while pretending that I'm "helping" him. I so loved craft projects in school. I used to rock a mean diorama back in the day.

Someone please go and enjoy and then report back. Very much longing for a weekend of sunshine in the desert.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a great trip! Too bad I don't even have any kiddos! ;)

bigBANG studio said...

If it makes you feel any better about missing this, it's FREEZING and windy as heck in the desert right now.

And as for LA shows...thanks for axing! I'm participating in a pop-up gallery show in Silverlake on Sunday afternoon, June 6th. Gourmet eats will be served. And there's a beautiful secret garden in back, perfect for the private nursing of Baby Dashes. I'll post about it when we get a little closer!

iheartkiwi said...

you had me at potato printing... that was my favorite when i was a kid!

i think kiwi and i are the last people on the planet who have not been to the ace. must remedy that asap.