Friday, May 7, 2010

mother's day, for reals

This little hallmark holiday is definitely taking on a new meaning this year for me. But let's not be sentimental... this is what it's really about at the moment:

Amazing card by Fugu Fugu Press on Etsy.

Happy mom's day to all the mothers and mothers to be. It's the best job I've ever had.

Via Oh So Beautiful Paper


The French said...

Congrats on your first one:)

Any great ideas for last minute gifts that can be purchased online? I'm a crappy daughter.

nole @ oh so beautiful paper said...

You just totally made me laugh out loud with the photo of that card. I mean, I know I posted the card - but you gave it a whole new meaning! But congrats again on your little one - and a very happy first mother's day!!

bigBANG studio said...

happy new mama's day, new mama!
and happy nursing, clearly.

two shows opening up tonight in joshua tree, but alas, not LA! one in silverlake in june, though. will keep you posted.

have a wonderful weekend, k. xo

Kendra said...

Happy first Mother's Day Stiny! You are an inspiration for all hip mom's to be :)

Anonymous said...

I think Mother's day originally developed around one of the world wars as an anti war statement. I don't think it is a hallmark holiday....worth looking into anyway! Seems wonderfully radical!

Andrea said...

Happy first Mother's Day!