Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Little Winter

Of course this cute handmade market is in Portland... the land of all things crafty and hip and pretty. I spotted it on Unruly Things yesterday when I was checking up on our guest post we did for Alyson while she's off getting married.

I would love to take a little vacation up that way this year, but we have so many things on the calendar that it's probably wishful thinking. Maybe summer 2011? That's when things free up a little. Which is scary considering how exhausting it is to travel with a baby. I assume it gets easier as baby gets older? And conceivably sleeps more?


Joslyn said...

i know...doesn't this look totally fantastic.

and yes, traveling with kiddos gets easier as they get older.

i promise ;-)

Char said...

such beautiful finds

you are super pretty said...

i've had my eye on that great piece of the ladies in the pool for a while now (on etsy). i love it!!