Monday, September 13, 2010

things grown, things eaten

Mixed carrots.

Pretty washed and lined up.

Peas & avocado, roasted sweet potato with a teensie bit of cinnamon and ginger. These would be for the baby, not for us.

Salsa (stored in a nice glass jar!).

Roasted homegrown pasilla chiles for tacos. (Caved and bought corn tortillas. I was desperate and they are made in LA so I felt a little less bad.)

And our tower of sunflowers. I've always wondered what the plant looks like that grows cut sunflowers. Apparently it's a huge cone-like thing? Though this could just be a mutant specific to our yard.

Also, ventured to Waterloo & City for early drinks (it's right in our 'hood), I worked on a bunch of stuff for Hitched (our table is going to be tres cute!), and Brock made me do a 10K on Sunday morning. 10Ks used to be a piece of cake, just for the record. It was hard and I was completely wasted for the rest of the day. But as a reward we made banana pancakes slathered in homemade butter and maple syrup. Kind of worth it.

Hope you all had delicious weekends too.


LMT said...

Oooh. I can just smell those fresh tomatoes. SO yummy! What book or recipe do you use for your purees or do you just use your own? I have a 4 month old that I'm preparing to introduce food to. Any help would be great! ps. I am loving your blog, so glad I found it recently.

Caroline said...

Your posts are so REFRESHING!!! xo

Meg said...

So lets talk homemade babyfood, yes? Yessss?

PS I owe you an email. I'm coming close to coming up for air and getting to these things. Sigh.

Beth said...

Sounds (and looks) like a great weekend! I love those little carrots so much.

Erin said...

I am so impressed with your garden. Seriously, those carrots and sunflowers??? Someday... :) Sorry didnt make it to yoga. I'm planning to go once my parents leave town. I will let you know. Theres a pic of my little guy on Tarts. Hope your well:)

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

You make me want to plant more in my garden! So inspiring.

P.S Your sunflowers are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The lined up picture of carrots is one of the best produce pictures I've ever seen!

bigBANG studio said...

A *tower* of sunflowers.

Hm. I had no idea. And I thought I knew all about that kind of stuff.

Also, just look at those carrots. LOOK AT THOSE CARROTS! I would love to do a still life series called Things Grown, Things Eaten.

blake said...

so funny, I felt like I was looking in the baby food mirror -- wait, that sounds weird. but my son ate exactly this and loved it, too! I threw avo into all veg purees, and definitely hit the sweet potatoes with cinnamon, then later bigger moroccan flavors. He loved it, and we've kept up with the spices, herbs and "real" flavors -- I think it's great to start them with all that stuff early.