Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something new

Hi. So, how about you all head over to my new little piece of the internet... my shiny new blog. Hooray!

I wasn't actually intending to launch it yet. But while I was waiting for some things to be fixed I imported all my old posts, recategorized everything, and then realized that if I keep posting over here, I'll have to go through that whole process again. Which was really more than I could take. So while it's not 100% perfect, and I'm still waiting on a few things, let's just forget perfection and head over there from now on. It will be fun, I promise.

And if you most loveliest readers who actually link to me wouldn't mind, could you update your blogroll with my new URL?

Same goes for you all who use google reader and such. I think you probably have to update that as well.

Almost forgot, if you want to leave a comment, perhaps do it on the new site because otherwise it will forever live on old blog, not new blog. And that's no good.

See you over there!


Meg said...

AHHH. It loads blank for me. AHHH!

Jessica said...

same here

Melissa A said...

Yes, it load blank for me too.

pink bridesmaid dresses said...

yes it loaded blank for me too.

kristina said...

hi hi,

The IE issue has been fixed! It should load fine now.

Thanks for pointing it out, guys.

Joslyn said...

Congrats!!!!!!! love it. i'll update links now ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't think the IE issue is resolved completely. I just tried your new link now and got an error message - it didn't load.

Selena said...

Beautiful blog. Will certainly follow it!

Anonymous said...

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John Green said...

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Anonymous said...

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