Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DIY-ish invites!

Hi. I've been missing, I know. Not that there are many of you missing me and my little blog, but still... I've been feeling guilty. But SERIOUSLY how do other people do it? Plan wedding, work full time, keep blog updated, and attend other out of town weddings all summer? I mean at some point you have to start stripping out the non-essentials. So anyway, I have been busy with crafty wedding things, I swear. I'm in fact at this moment preparing my files for our most excellent printer here in LA, Aardvark Letterpress.

This is just a sneak peak, of sorts. I will most certainly shoot some pictures when I get them back from the printers, but they are still kind of cute in this first draft I did in photoshop. I originally planned to gocco everything, but after the save-the-date effot, I reconsidered. It was SO fun and satisfying but I realized that I don't have the time to do it all myself. Plus letterpress is bee-eau-tiful. Especially with hand-done calligraphy (yay jenna!).

I'm still planning to do our rehearsal dinner inserts and the menus, programs, coasters (must have), etc. with gocco, but most of that stuff's not for another month or so at which point I'm planning to have more time? Bad idea? So the DIY part is the design and the lining of the envelopes with our palm springs-y honeycomb pattern. The rest is going to be taken care of by highly skilled professionals, thank god.


Janet said...

That looks beautiful - cant wait to see more. Wanted to delurk to say that I missed you! Yours is one of my very favourite blogs, and I am always hoping for a new post. I can imagine it is hard to keep up, but it is appreciated!

kristina said...

aw janet, thanks so much! i'm getting back on the program, i promise!

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous invite!

Kate said...

Those are fantastic. You are super talented. Where do you get your blank coasters to gocco? I just bought myself a gocco for my birthday (yay!) and I would love to make some coasters!

Kate said...

Ok, I found coasters if you're interested. I'm not sure of the quality, but Mrs. Penguin used them on WeddingBee and she has pictures on them. They sound like they're worth a try because they're cheap! She said she got 1000 for $17. What?? Cheap!

Thanks for your comment on my blog! It's hard to get started. I'm not sure anybody really reads it, but it's still fun to do.