Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more on pumpkins

from the grande dame herself, of course:

These are old news to those who love Martha "regular" (as I like to refer to the original publication) like I do, but I couldn't resist posting them now that I have time.

I LOVE this. Look how many varieties of pumpkin-like squashes there are. And up until a few years ago we've all been stuck with the boring jack-o-lantern sort.

Here's to growing and purchasing heirloom varieties. For why, might I suggest reading The Botany of Desire if you haven't yet? C'est tres excellente!

I'm going to the farmer's market now, because I can.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to The Martha to display pumpkins in chromatic gradation...when I got my October issue I just stared and stared at this photo. The little kid in me is still obsessed with putting things in rainbow order, so I love this grown-up take on that!

style-for-style said...

I really love the more muted pumpkins.
the mint greens and the peach colors

g/d said...

I think I read Botany of Desire in about three days. A good choice!

As for pumpkins, I am really excited about Ghost Pumpkins (the white ones. Is this their real name, or something I made up?). If you made a pumpkin pie with them, would the pie look pretty or gross? I might try it...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. That Martha is just too clever for her own good!!

I'm so excited because we found a large selection of white pumpkins and brought one home as our 'little advantage' in our yearly pumpkin carving contest. As an added bonus it look superb on our dining room table!

One Love Photo said...

Those make want to be a pumpkin for halloween. What a wonderful pile!

Leigh said...

LOVE this photo!

Mary said...

It's very Goldsworthy-esque!
I found you via another blog...but will now add you to my blog list!