Wednesday, February 4, 2009

garden stalking

I have (yet another) mildly unhealthy obsession to share. SURPRISE! I like to cruise neighborhoods peering into people's gardens, snooping their ideas for plant combinations and ogling particularly impressive botanical specimens. Is that so weird, really? It's like unorganized garden touring...

Brock and I dropped into Del Mar for a moment over the weekend to have dinner with my grandpa while my parents are out of town, in Africa (ahem, jealous) for 3 weeks. And we fit in a little moseying around the old 'hood. Del Mar has some beautiful tangly gardens and overgrown alleys for interested parties like moi. Beautiful in the old, neglected, fed by sea air sort of way.

It was so beautiful in San Diego over the weekend I could barely take it. One of those mornings that makes us consider moving back down sooner than planned. The light, I'm telling you, it was all about the wintery clear light.

Also, the 2nd picture... current object of particular affection for me: Two. Story. Cactus. I want. It lives next door to Brock's dad. But that is not good enough. No.

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