Thursday, February 5, 2009

our wedding: the rehearsal dinner

Kay, here we go with the real photos from the wedding. I think I've waited long enough, no?

Our wedding agenda went like this:

Thursday night - Rehearsal Dinner
Friday - the actual Rehearsal + Cocktail party

Saturday - The Big Party

Sunday - Brunch. (Seriously tired. Cannot believe we did brunch. omg, that was one thing too many. I could barely talk on Sunday.)

SO, anyway. We shall commence with the rehearsal dinner. Which was so fun. And no one ever posts pictures of the events leading up to their wedding, do they?

We were super lucky to have Michele with us all weekend, which means we are also double lucky to have beautiful pictures from the whole amazing party.

(Mandatory pre-dinner cockail hour for mingling and calming of the nerves with martinis)

(DIY jam placecards in action!)

(Aren't Sky & Melanie cute? I love this picture)

Post wedding words:

Only allow yourself a finite amount of obsessing once you get your photos back. I keep looking at them and while I love love love them, I keep wishing I had done more to make it perfecterest. Which is so lame, I know. But I can't help it. My rehearsal dinner table needed heaps of fresh dates and flowers down the center and pretty things hanging from the rafters and dark chairs and cuter tags on the jam jars. But this is all easy to want when the wedding madness is over and you don't have 37 projects on your list at all times.

When you are in it, cut out as many projects as possible to ensure that you are not stressed in the days leading up to your wedding and allow you to spend time with the people who came to celebrate with you two. That is so much more important... well aware. Even though I can't help making mental changes. To the event that has already happened. Someone cut me off from wedding blogs.

Dinner was at The Colony Palms, on the second floor balcony above the pool... for the curious.

All photos by Michele M. Waite.


Brittany said...

step away from the computer!
No, please don't. I know what you mean, I'm already dreading my wedding being over.

but you know they say, "those who can't wed (again)-plan!" So keep helping all of us creatively challenged brides to be!

P said...

It all looks pretty fabulous to me, pretty girl! But I totally understand the impulse to want to tweak endlessly.

Rachel said...

Beautiful! I love wedding pictures (and homemade jam).

Allison Hasel said...

Ahh! Finally! So glad to see your gorgeous recaps. Can't wait to see what this new project is you've got coming up!

Meg said...

Oh YAYYYY! I thought you were not going to post any more pictures, I thought we were done. I'm happy!

But, I'm with P. it looks really pretty to me. Here's the thing: everyone looks so happy that there is no way anyone is tearing their eyes off all of the happy faces to look at other stuff. I didn't even notice you had centerpeices till you mentioned it. And I love the jam AND the labels.

Melissa said...

So very pretty! I look at our wedding pictures too and do the same thing :) I can't wait to see the rest!

Modelmental said...

Yay yay yay it's started! Looks like such a fab little rehearsal dinner, you and your guests are just charming! Oh, you chic lady you, every little thing is just gorgeous. And I know exactly what you mean with the perfecterest attitude afterward. Very sane advice though!

east side bride said...

I'm laughing at you, because as I scrolled down the post I was making a mental note to tag the photo of the jam.

But I know exactly what you're talking about. I look at my own pictures, and I ob-sess. I look at other people's pictures and I think, "Oh! I should have done that."

Eff the effing wedding blogs.

Anonymous said...

wow. such a lovely event. the photography captures the feel perfectly. really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had fun! it is really cool to look at those great pictures of happy faces. I want to highlight also the DIY jam place card holder. I really like that idea, I bet you gave them out also as wedding favors, right?