Tuesday, March 10, 2009

churros y chocolate that vanish before our eyes

for LA peeps out there (or anyone coming to LA)...

You need to go to Lucques if you haven't been. Definitely one of my very favorite restaurants in LA.

Everything is completely delicious. And then there's the churros y chocolate, which are better than any I tasted in Spain... by like 1 million miles.

I tried to eat them slowly, I did. But this is what happened:

in approx 60 seconds. And every other couple sitting at the bar with us on Saturday ordered them too, with similar results. Thankfully iPhone was able to document the carnage as proof.

I need the cookbook, even if it's just so I can make their perfect salad dressings.


Rachel said...

Better than any in Spain? I have to try those. I'll be there, as soon as I can make it.

christina said...

first of all, i just stumbled upon your blog & i'm really enjoying it!

secondly, we love lucques! we went with another couple last new years--there was a wonderful prix fixe dinner...it was amazing!

we've never had the churros, but it's worth a drive across town! yum.

cevd said...

oh yum. definitely going on the list.