Tuesday, March 31, 2009

max wanger = the engagement shoot savant

this sesh in particular. woah.

you must see the whole day's progression on his blog.

exactly how long does one need to wait before planning a vow renewal. and if one plans said vow renewal, are engagement renewal photos also allowed?

you totally think i'm serious don't you? i'm not. for now.


Brittany said...

I really did think you were serious.

I wouldn't judge you.

It's why I'm starting a wedding consulting business. I'm just not done planning weddings!

Jane Flanagan said...

This would be cute photos for any couple! Engagement or not! (i.e. go for it!)

Unknown said...


What he ate, what I ate. said...

perfection... period.

east side bride said...

You don't need a vow renewal to do an engagement sesh!

How bout for your one-year anniversary...?