Wednesday, March 25, 2009

scenes from the weekend + signs of spring

mushroom and beet green scramble

chai tea from soap making extravaganza

a visit to dandelion ranch

pretty pink flowers on the peach tree

tiny fall pomegranates gone to seed

one of many... see below

Spring is not my favorite season. I like it in theory, the little buds appearing on fruit trees, weedy flowers and clover carpeting the otherwise untended parts of the backyard, artichokes, longer days, getting home before dark... that's all great. But isn't it just such a tease? It's windy and sort of warmish if you stand in the sun with a sweater on, but really it's still cold and my feet turn purple when i insist on wearing sandals to work. arrg. i need summer. now. and it's months away.

I do love snooping around neighborhood gardens this time of year though. And smelling orange blossoms at night when the bedroom window is open. And figuring out what to do with the colony of baby artichokes forming outside the kitchen door.

Any ideas? I need easy baby artichoke ideas.


Unknown said...

I was just thinking about that! The bright sun and new green leaves outside my window lure me out to play, then I'm reminded I still need to bring a sweatshirt to protect against the breeze. Boo.

What he ate, what I ate. said...

i cannot believe that i spent years throwing the beet greens in the garbage. the horror!

Sara said...

So beautiful! Nice job capturing the essence.

Sara Gray

Joslyn said...

this looks like a perfect weekend!