Monday, December 21, 2009

getting closer

Feeling more ahead of Christmas than I have in at least 5 years. Tis a miracle on Bonaparte Ave, I'll tell you that much. Pretty much the entire weekend was devoted to puttering around the house, (with the exception of a few hours of essential last minute-ish errands), finishing projects, starting projects, reading recipes, wrapping presents... things of that nature. Somehow this Christmas is shaping up to be much more relaxing than usual. What a treat.

Made my mom's Christmas toffee, successfully, after only 2 failed attempts. I'll be posting the recipe tomorrow, with step by step photos because while it's very simple, it's also finicky and requires visual aids to get it right. And um, it is the most delicious sweet that makes perfect presents, if you're looking for a last minute project.

Turned those cute escort cards from Inchmark and Martha Stewart into gift tags. Tutorial and template here... though the template prints HUGE so I had to downsize it in photoshop. And I own every circle punch BUT the size I needed for the project (1.5") and Michaels was out of that size so mine are a little proportionately awkward. There was no way I was waiting til Tuesday when their next shipment was due to arrive. These tags had to be made on Saturday and that was that.

Do you like my groovy 70's print from Lincoln Fabrics? I'm so into that store right now. Even though there is dust covering every inch of every bolt of fabric. Buried treasure is all I'm saying.

All but 3 presents successfully wrapped in paper grocery bags and fluorescent pink ribbon. I went back for their entire stock after I used it for my uncle's bookmarks.

And am diligently making my way through my list of edible gifts.

Granola. I'm not comfortable enough with my own recipe to share... mostly because I don't really follow a recipe. I just throw a bunch of stuff together and then my oven burns it. But I will offer this nugget of advice, because I'm not sure all recipes note it's importance:

DO NOT BAKE THE FRUIT. Add it just when the oats and nuts come out of the oven. The heat from the granola plumps it up perfectly. If you bake it with the oats you will be sorry.

Here's to the last few days of preparation for Christmas-celebrating folk. For those who don't, be glad you aren't part of the frenzy. Though I do love Christmas I must say.

I have to go into the office this morning for a rush project. IMAGINE. Working on Mondays. Sick.

(I'm usually working from home on personal projects on Mondays, in case I've never mentioned that before).

Toffee tomorrow. See you then?


Emily said...

I love recycling Trader Joes bags as wrapping paper! Inspired! Also, the toffee looks so yummy!

CDC said...

Great idea with the wrapping!

Caroline said...

You are ahead!!!! That Toffee looks absolutely amazing. Again, I must tell you how much I adore your blog.. from the pictures, your writing etc all of it is just so fresh and lively!!! You might enjoy a recipe over at my blog... if you have time feel free to pop over and check it out..
I hope you have a lovely Monday!! xo

Giovanna said...

love the trader joes wrapping. looks stylish and it's less wasteful.

Rose said...

ooh thanks for the link to that tutorial - have totally missed the boat for christmas cards and this looks perfect for some happy new year cards i've been planning instead!

kiss my spatula said...

i love wrapping xmas gifts more than anything. looking forward to the toffee!

Phoebe said...

I suppose one and all should browse on it.