Wednesday, June 9, 2010

consignment store gems

Kay so since I haven't been shopping for myself in like a YEAR (minus a few purchases here and there), I've taken to shopping for my baby. He always fits into everything perfectly and does not have to lose pregnancy weight like some of us. Which by the way, I'm indecisive about at best. Some days I'm desperate to fit into my old things and others I'm like, "Oh who gives a shit anyway?" Mostly it's somewhere in between. But I did get new jeans and I almost cried I was so happy I found a pair that fit.

I digress. Shopping for baby clothes is much more fun than I anticipated. But it's also kind of silly I've learned, to buy things new. Unless you are in love and cannot go on breathing for another moment if you don't see your baby in that item immediately. Which is where the consignment store comes in. I almost wish I didn't know about them, to be honest. My neighbor Ruth gave me a list of all the good ones in our neighborhood, and now I'm starting to feel like I need to go constantly so I don't miss out on something extra good.

Yesterday I went in for a swim diaper for our trip to Ojai this weekend, and left with an entire bag full of unbearably cute things. See:

2 Petit Bateau striped rompers - I'm becoming a baby brand whore. But their things are so cute.

I don't know anyone who could resist a perfect pair of Osh Kosh overalls, for all of $8.

And some little plaid shorts. Aren't they the cutest? Dashiell will be wearing those all weekend, me thinks.

I did find a brand new swim diaper, btw. And about 7 other things that I didn't photograph. I am in love with baby resale. In love. It's like curated thrift store shopping. Totally worth the tiny premium.


jora said...

Although I love the idea of thrrift store shopping, I ahve come to accept the fact that I am no good at it, esp. with little kids (too distracting!). Kids' consignment shops (at least the good ones) do all the footwork for you. I am addicted too. Although I only know of one good one and it is about 30 miles away. Which means I get there about once a month. I always come home with bags stuffed to the gills. Petit Bateau is the best for babies. And they last forever. You baby brand whore you. ;-)

Char said...

so adorable - i love thrift stores.

pam said...

Next time you're in north county, La Costa Kids on El Camino in Encinitas is a great kids' resale store.

Meg said...

I'm just going to say it flat out - I'm too lazy for thrift store shopping, even for me. I go to vintage stores or consignment. Done.

I've been thinking this must be the way (or craigslist) to get the good baby loot in general. I mean, say I want a nice crib. How long can you use a crib, anyway? Someone must be selling their no-longer-in-service nice crib... riiiiggghhhtttt?

That's my dream at least.

PS Can we talk about baby New Balance?? I saw them the other day, and they are perfectly crafted tiny running shoes. Like the big ones, but wee. I was like A) your baby can't walk, I'm pretty sure he dosen't need expensive running shoes. and B) If you're going to spend that much for kids shoes - get them something COOL. Baby Doc Martins. Baby cowboy boots. Work with me.

kristina said...

Let's just ALL admit that thrifting isn't our thing. Time wise, it's too much of a commitment. Fun in college for vintage sailor pants and 70's tshirts, right? Now I just don't have the patience or the time.

Jora - I'm fairly comfortable with my brand whoredom.

Pam - I know! Jora just recommended that one to me. I can't wait to check it out.

Megs- Craigslist is AWESOME for baby loot. I've seen $900 bassinets for $300. Still $300 for a bassinet, but such a good deal! And I'm convinced it's the only way to buy a jog stroller.

"They" make baby EVERYTHING now. Baby James Perse: because your infant can't be seen in anything but the softest plain cotton items.

Fern and Feather said...

so cute!! when you are home you have to try La Costa Kids in Encinitas - of course like all consignment stores a little hit and miss - but some of my favorite little goodies for H are from there!

Lilouka pour JojO said...

Chouette blog et charmant bébé...
Enchantez !

Rebecca B said...

My favorite swim dipes are from One Step Ahead - their ADJUSTABLE Reusable Swim Diapers.
They go on like a regular diaper, so you don't have to try to wriggle & stuff little chubby legs into holes that seem too small for them. And they're comfortable for the kid. And have a funny old-fashioned swimming trunk kind of look if you don't feel like putting a bathing suit on top. Oh, and you can use them forever. I was still putting my son into 24 month ones when he was 3. They also have great UPF hooded towels for a pretty reasonable price.

Kristen said...

this makes me want a baby...oh boy.

Anonymous said...

Do share the local consignment store locations! I live in the same area and will check these out....if/when the free time presents itself!