Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We stumbled on the most cutest little garage shop in Encinitas over the weekend, just next to the Hansen's ski treadmill (those of you north county folks will know what I mean). It's called M•O•M and it's full of little handmade clothes and toys and buntings and such, styled perfectly with vintage toys and tables. It's exactly what I thought I'd be doing after I had a baby... sewing bloomers and the like. Turns out, NOT! Maybe some day sooner than later I will finish the crib bumpers I started?

But at least there is one mom out there making things I'd like to make one day:

See, it's a tiny little shop, but just the perfect size for what it is.

Cute bunting from vintage hankies.

Little bow ties.

And sunsuits from a vintage pattern.

And ties.

Standing there I had the perfect "I'm sad and glad I don't have a girl" moment. Sad because I couldn't buy vintage sunsuits and dresses and aprons and buntings. Glad for the same reason. Instead I bought a little set of bean bags, which are the perfect size and weight for little hands learning to grab and carry and other important life skills.

Of course I didn't have my real camera, but iPhone is surprisingly good in a pinch.



Holly said...

those beanbags are pretty sweet themselves. especially imagining a baby slapping them around!

Fern and Feather said...

isn't this the cutest shop?!... I am addicted to her ties for Henry. Plus they are the best little gifts.

jora said...

I will be going there very, very soon.

kathleen said...

i love this little shop! i stumbled upon it before i had kids and now that i do, i want everything!

100layercake said...

oh i'm dying. will this be open when i come visit? the patterns, little ties and bunting how could you resist not taking one of everything ; ) ~j

Meg said...

You might start sewing and crafting once he's a little bit bigger. My mom sewed lots of our clothes, but not till we were toddling around :)

Joslyn said...

wow! this place looks GENIUS!

Anonymous said...

we just stumbled upon your blog and wow, what a nice surprise! great pictures (love the iphone) and such nice things to say about us.
thanks again and we hope you visit again.
bethany + tere said...

To my mind every person have to read it.