Wednesday, August 18, 2010

made by joel

Jamie posted some of his amazing little toys yesterday and I'm shamelessly reposting them because I'm kind of in awe of his parenting prowess. He comes up with the cutest little projects to keep his kiddos entertained. If I am ever half as creative with playtime, I will feel like a crafty queen.

little, repurposed wood scraps

a cereal box marble ramp

mix and match wood animals (I would buy these, btw. Pls sell, Joel).

zipline toy

and toddler stilts. Perhaps the best idea ever.

How apropos, considering our new project. Recycled kids toys. They feel so much better than the new exersaucer we just bought. BUT BABIES LIKE EXERSAUCERS!!! And I don't think Dashiell would be quite as entertained if I stuck him in a cardboard box. Though I could be wrong. He does love a good magazine-ripping session.

My question is... once your kids are old enough are you just flooded with inspiration to make things like these? I hope so.


enie meenie said...

I agree those stilts are just too precious! You have officially inspired me to try those bad boys out!

Julie said...

I love the creativity...and your blog!

teedle. said...

Love the wood animals, too!

Kate said...

We used similar stilts for field day at my school. We attached empty coffee cans to give them some height. They were a big hit. Fun for adults too.

Beth said...

My hub and I are expecting our first this February,and I love all of these precious toy ideas. I'm filing away made by joel and his ideas for when our little one starts exploring his/her world.

Lauren said...

Wonder if I could make those little wooden guys out of left over wine corks? I've got plenty! Thanks for the cute idea. I dont' have kids yet, but I'm stockpiling in my memory ;)