Tuesday, August 24, 2010

milka loom

I've died and gone to tea towel heaven.

Joslyn posted a little peek of these beauties from MilkaLOOM this morn and I had to pass them along. AFTER I've ordered mine own, of course. (Sorry hubs! But I could not resist.)

I mean really? Hand woven little triangles in all sorts of perfect color combinations? This towel will most certainly be reserved for petting only. No dish drying at all.

I do have an update on the project, but I don't have time to post it this morn. Too much work at the moment and only so many hours of babysitting! Tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow. But this is appropriate isn't it? Since it's a non-paper kitchen item? I will say that the quitting of paper has been the easiest part of the project so far. You think it's going to be a pain, but it's seriously a breeze. If I can wash diapers, I can most certainly wash teeny towels for the kitchen.

More soon.

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