Friday, September 10, 2010

the best nursing tanks - threads for thought

Finally, after 6 months of nursing I've discovered the perfect nursing tank. Actually I discovered it a few months ago, but I've just come to realize that it is in fact the perfect top for breastfeeding. And it's not supposed to be a nursing tank or anything. I tried a bunch of those and don't really LOVE any of them. They're fussy and don't fit exactly right and are crazy expensive for how ugly they are. But the Threads For Thought basic tank, available at Whole Foods for $8 (!!!), is quite excellent.

It's super soft.
It has thick-ish straps so I can wear a nursing bra under it.
It's a wee bit stretchy, so I can just pull the neck down to nurse but the seams don't rip out.
And the organic things is a nice bonus.

I think I have 5 of these and I wear them to bed, to yoga, and around town.

Also, mine are a large and I think that's the perfect size since the extra room allows for nursing. (For comparison, I wear a Gap size small and that's sometimes a little big.)

For $8 you can't really go wrong. And now that I've ripped all the seams out of the straps of my other tank tops, these are pretty much all I wear.


jora said...

OK, totally ordering a bunch of these. I'm with you on the nursing tanks...I prefer to wear regular ones and pull them down. Which colors are best??

Rachel said...

Not nursing (at all!) but I'm so glad you mentioned these. I was fingering them while in the checkout line the other day and trying to make a decision. They seem nice and long, which is critical for me. And so soft!

Anonymous said...

any tips on a nursing bra? I am realizing mine is super ugly/not flattering and I'm frustrated by the lack of options.

Beth said...

Duly noted! Thanks for sharing!

Char said...

$8 is a great price

kristina said...

@jora - go darker because the lighter ones are pretty thin. I think I have a few blues, a black, and a grey.

@rachel - you need them. They are perfect even for non-nursers. And yes, long!

@kelly and kelly - I have an elle mchpherson bra that's actually kind of cute, for a nurser (but on the expensive side):

And this one too, which is not bad and only $20:

Rachel said...

So I looked for these at two different WF this weekend and both had the tee shirts but neither had the tanks. Sad! Might order some instead.

I did get one of the V-neck tee shirts and it's awesome. Super soft and super long.

eliza said...

fyi, I think the Elle MacPherson bra you linked to is currently on sale at

Rockin Chicks said...

I adore these, and have the v neck tees also which you can also buy from whole foods and are awesome! I LOVE THIS BRAND!

Ericka said...

Wow, there's so much worthwhile information here!