Monday, September 27, 2010

Catching up

Ooh, last week was crazy. Apologies for the lack of posting. Getting ready for Hitched took up every moment of my non-mommy time. But it was such a cute event. We'll be posting photos and projects on 100 Layer Cake all week, but for now here's just a teensy peek:

(Heirloom LA cocktails... yum yum.)

I had the most fun arranging flowers for our table.

And because I'm a week behind, I haven't even posted about the Heath LA Craft Bazaar from last weekend. It was great too. So many lovely things, including tiles and little wooden toys and Matteo linens for practically a song.

And Krank Press, who I love.

Just when I was giving in to the pretty light of fall, (and beets and squash at the market), it's super summer all of a sudden again. Or for the first time all year, actually.

AND, a birth center opened up literally in our neighborhood. Isn't that crazy? We loved the UCLA midwives, but I'm definitely curious what the Sanctuary Birth Center has to offer for our next babe. It's going to be an amazing resource for families around West LA. Very very exciting. But here's my question: What does a birth center offer that a home birth doesn't?

More this week, for sure.


Fern and Feather said...

it was so much fun to see you and your little guy is too cute!! I still can not believe he is 7 months... where is time going?

see you in a few weeks! ox

jamie said...

haha. ;)

jamie said...

and one answer to your last query, maybe for some it is as simple as a sense of security?

Caroline said...

Honestly I can't get enough of Beets!! Love these photos. XO

Whitney Lane said...

those flowers are to die for!!

Meg said...

Yeah, I think they have more medical equipment and doctors on call. For those couples where, say, one mother almost hemmoraged to death in the post-birth moments, and said child won't let his wife even think of a home birth because of it.

For example. ;)

kristina said...

@Meg - just for example. no one you know, of course.

@fernandfeather - i know!


Anonymous said...

As a midwifery student who has attended births in birth centers, homes, and hospitals, the answer to your last question is...generally nothing.

In California, all out of hospital midwives (home & birth center) carry the same medical supplies (oxygen, hemorrhage medications, suturing equipment, etc). All midwives have transport plans to local hospitals (these change depending on your location), but almost no birth centers, unless they are physically on hospital property, have direct transfer agreements with a specific hospital.

It all really comes down to where you feel more comfortable. If you live far away from a hospital, a birth center might be a good choice in case transport is necessary. But some women like staying home because it's obviously a more familiar environment, both in terms of your exposure to germs and your comfort level with labor.

jamie said...

inoakpark i just realized that it's you from backyard wedding when you mentioned studying midwifery. duh! and i was trying to say the same thing, but less educated. ;)

caught the light said...

Wow, I forgot how much I really miss reading your blog and catching up on this stranger's life. Oh and your baby is picture-perfect beautiful!

dulci said...

wow - that drink looks amazing!!

almamater said...

I think the answer about the birth center vs. homebirth has been answered above quite well. Midwives carry all the equipment. Here in Texas, I have hemorrhaged twice at home...once requiring an IV of pitocin + a shot of methargine and one just the pitocin. In both cases my midwife was prepared, and (legally) administered the necessary drugs, but was also monitoring closely in case we needed to transport.

Advantages of homebirth are: 1. Your own space (bed, bathroom, neighborhood) 2. No need to travel while in labor 3. Don't have to deal with hospital protocols or interruptions postpartum 4. Don't have to dress and load up for a big trip home postpartum 5. After birth, food from your own kitchen, shower in your own bath, cuddle in your own bed 6. In our case, the midwife does the baby exams at our home after birth, on the third day and at two weeks.

I have had one in the hospital and five at home. All in Texas.

Anonymous said...

My view is why wouldn't you take advantage of the hospital when it is there? A midwife/homebirth/etc sounds great until something seriously goes wrong. Why take even a .01% chance on your life or the baby's life? A good friend of mine and her husband are going through life with a brain damaged child because they weren't at a hospital and the baby did not receive the necessary treatment in time. It's a personal choice but I would never take the unnecessary risk when we have some of the world's best hospitals in our area.