Tuesday, September 7, 2010

documenting a pregnancy, in style

I saw this on Highchair Critics this morn. It's so sweet. Makes me want another tiny baby already! But I think we will be waiting a bit. You know, since we've just started to feel like real people again.

Super busy weekend with lots going on this week, but I'll be back shortly with more to post.


Annette said...

so sweet... thank you for sharing. do you happen to know what the music is they used?

Cassi said...

Wow. That was really sweet. I'm TTC, so I was fighting back the tears, but what an amazing memory to share. Thanks for sharing with us. I'm e-mailing it to the hubs to watch right now. :)

Jason said...

That track is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

kristina said...

Sorry for the late response! Yes it's the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The acoustic version of Hysteric. You can get it on iTunes.

Great song, isn't it? Perfect for their video.