Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i'm it

Kate tagged me... how fun!
but beware, i am boring.

4 things i did today

morning routine (run, coffee, blog, late to work)

searched in vain for new MS weddings that is allegedly now available

designed websites while looking longingly out of my office window at the ocean

took weekly trip to santa monica wednesday farmer's market (luckily 1 block from my office) which is amazing and inspiring every week without fail even though i don't have time to make thoughtful meals every night.

4 things to-do (short term)

mail brother much belated birthday present

find and purchase gold chain for my grandma's pendant i'm going to wear for the wedding

complete wedding to-do list (i have a to-do list within a to-do list... bad)


4 guilty guilties


one too many glasses of wine

5 grain scones from röckenwagner

the blogosphere

(is it a problem that 2 of my guilty pleasures relate to the internet?)

4 randoms

i used to (sort of still) want to be a painter

future husband and I have been friends since junior high (no we haven't been together that long!)

i ride my bike to work (about 1/2 the time)

i don't eat anything that has or has ever had eyes (with the exception of potatoes)


Kate said...

Thanks for playing! I love getting to know more about people!

I got my new MS Weddings in the mail yesterday and I wasn't so much in love with it. It has one great invitation suite in it that I'd die for though.

I feel you about ShopBop and the wine as well.

BTW, do you ever do freelance web design? I'm in the market for a website and haven't found anybody I like yet.

east side bride said...

so not boring!