Friday, December 5, 2008

Heath LA opens this weekend

I'm nearly as excited about this as I was about our wedding. Okay, maybe not THAT excited. But I'm pretty delirious with anticipation. Whhhhyyyy do I love housewares so much??? It's like coffee. My life would probably be a lot better if I didn't drink it, but it's sooooo good and warm and thoroughly essential to the very core of my being.

(pictures from Heath, invite from my friend Deja who works as an interior designer for one of Heath's partners, Marmol Radziner. Thanks Dej!)

Also this weekend, we are getting our Christmas tree, going to this, making our Thank You cards (yay - projects!), and continuing to dig ourselves out from under the wedding debris that is still covering our house (and our life) with a light to medium dusting of supplies, boxes, projects, and other ephemera.

Yay, weekend.

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Molly said...

ooooh, please post update on your trip to Heath LA after your visit...looks just heavenly! best!