Wednesday, December 3, 2008

where to start

How about with chocolate? it's really as good a place as any, don't you think?

Um, so we're back! we had the bestest time and now, back at work, it seems like we never left. Amazing how 2 days at the office can do that to you. But today is the farmer's market so everything will be better now.

We arrived back to reality on wednesday morning super early, drove to san diego for serious family thanksgiving time and finally slept in our own (very excellent if I do say) bed on saturday night. But before retiring to our lovely Tempurpedic, we made a trip to adult disneyland, aka Whole Foods in venice, where I discovered this chocolate bar:

Clearly, we only bought one that first night. But then the next night, I needed another. Bad. I don't even particularly like chocolate. It's FINE, don't get me wrong. But it's not my thing. Nor are desserts really at all. But this, this is different. It's the most deliciously dark chocolate with salty/sweet hazelnuts inside.

Salt + chocolate (or anything sweet) = divinity.

So, we drove back to Whole Foods the next night where I noticed there was only a SMATTERING of these bars left. Which of course put me into panicky disaster preparedness mode, overcome by the need to stockpile lest these bars disappear forever. You can see in the picture 2 empty boxes and 2 full boxes. We have to ration them.

So what I'm saying is GO TO WHOLE FOODS. Get these bars. They are from Charles Chocolates, a boutique chocolatier in the Bay Area, and these particular bars are specially made for Whole Foods. The Emeryville Collection, they are calling them. I won't tell you how much they cost. Just throw them into your basket along with a weeks worth of groceries and you won't even notice when you see your total.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Welcome back! The photos from your wedding are gorgeous!

cevd said...

but i don't live anywhere near a whole foods!!! really they don't sell them on their site?!?!

Rachel said...

I'm not a huge chocolate fan either, but salty sweet wins me every time. I'll be checking these out!

east side bride said...

I like chocolate and salty. I'm fucked.

Welcome back!!

Anonymous said...

These sound amazing! I just adore chocolate and hazelnuts together, and lately I'm really loving the salty sweet thing. I'm SO going to look for these next time I'm at mecca (aka whole foods!)

welcome back! can't wait to hear more about the wedding once you've had a chance to catch your breath :)

Anonymous said...

welcome back newlywed! everything looked amazing. can't wait to see all the details.

Anonymous said...

Mark and I are addicted to the Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds with Sea Salt and Turbinado Sugar-- we call them our "crack." I can eat a whole tub! There is something about salty and sweet that is so good and so addicting. I will look for your little find in my area-- not that I need another vice.

And-- Welcome back!!!