Friday, December 26, 2008

merry belated xmas

So things were a leeetle bit crazy leading up to Christmas this year, due to a truly extraordinary feat of procrastination from yours truly. But we did get our house in order which always makes me happy when I get home from work and it's dark and cold. I love having lights on around the eaves, and on the tree. yay christmas decors!

look, it's our funky little house! all dressed up for December. I couldn't resist taking a picture a few weeks ago once I had it all cleaned up and ready for Sunday evening wine drinking and perusing of Gourmet/catching up on emails/spending QT with the computer.

And a few vintage ornaments from my grandma's collection that my mom gave me for my shower. Something about Christmas that makes vintage pretties a necessity.

I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas, if you celebrate, and an excellent few days of general relaxation if you don't.

We're in Mammoth now for a little snowboarding and general lazing by the fire. Everyone should laze by the fire for a few days during December, me thinks.


Anonymous said...

I love your couch! where did you get your couch from??

thoughtful day said...

Great room! Isn't it the best when your house is clean!?! It always puts me in a good mood!

kristina said...

Hi Anonymous! (in case you come back...)

our couch is from Room & Board. It's the Klein sofa with chaise. we love it. soo comfy.

One Love Photo said...

Beautiful home! I want it.