Tuesday, February 10, 2009

our wedding: the rehearsal

Keeping with my theme of showing parts of the wedding that no one ever posts, here's our rehearsal!

I actually loved having a rehearsal. Up until that point the whole ceremony thing was a complete mystery to us. We've been to plenty of weddings and everything, and we loosely knew what the elements were going to be, but we weren't exactly sure how it was all going to come together. Which is where our super cute coordinator Allison came in. Yay. Someone in charge.

I forgot my mandatory ribbon bouquet from my shower, so I had to user a glass of water. Which was actually perfect because it was like 98 degrees that afternoon. Also, I didn't appreciate that you actually need the placeholder object for practical purposes, (like how am I going to hold both parents' arms with something in my hand?), not just for decoration.

(coordinator + clipboard = relief)

(we love palm springs)

(Brock's older brother Sky married us, which was completely amazing, but more on that later).

(I had both of my parents walk me down the aisle, which was really nice. I think I'm smiling so big because I'm trying not to start crying. In the rehearsal. Must save something for the wedding)

(again, listening to Allison the coordinator. Sooo glad someone was in charge).

Post Wedding Notes:

I felt so good after the rehearsal. Totally relaxed and ready for the real thing. And I can't recommend having at least a "day of" coordinator enough, to help orchestrate all of the logistics because there are A LOT. And it was great to show up to the rehearsal, laugh with our friends, give out presents and not have to be in charge. By then I was REALLY tired of being in charge. Did I mention that already?

And I also learned that wearing bright colors makes pictures so much more fun! And I believe it was east side bride who posted about planning your outfits during the days leading up to the wedding with photographs in mind. Seriously, do it. You forget that the camera will be pointed at your all. the. time.

If anyone in the LA area is looking for a great coordinator, I'd be happy to pass on Allison's contact info.

All images again by Michéle M. Waite.


jora said...

I loved seeing these photos...so true that noone ever shares this sort of thing.

Where in P.S. did you get married again?? I can't remember. I want to go out there sometime soon and stay somewhere new. :)

Kate said...

First off, how fabulous are you? You are so pretty! You are so right about wearing color! The blue makes the photographs! Good choice.

Second, Brock and his brother look so much alike! How cute are they?

Thanks for sharing the behind-the-scenes pictures. I love seeing these.

Anonymous said...

We keep going back and forth on the DOC thing, and you are definitely pushing me toward it right now. We're doing it *all* ourselves - writing it from scratch, ordaining a friend, making everything, etc. The idea of someone else knowing how a "real" wedding runs - instead of just how our hippie/idealistic/funny wedding goes in our heads - seems helpful. Hmmmm...

You are gorgeous in these, btw!

Modelmental said...

How stunning are you in your electric blue? Great tip about the colours. I wanted to post our night before pics but they're REAL amateur happy snaps so I rather kept it to myself. Yours on the other hand, eye candy galore! Thank you!

g/d said...

I looooove those shoes!!! I was hawkeye-ing the photos for different angles. Nice one!

(My husbands older brother married us too!!! Wasn't that the BEST idea you had??)

east side bride said...

Speaking of planning outfits... The shorts on your "minister" are hilarious :)

Putting *someone else* in charge when you get to the rehearsal is fab advice. We asked a theater/film director friend to do it, and she rocked.

(Maggie, I don't think it's as much knowing how to run a "real" wedding as being organized + assertive, knowing how to cue the musicians, the bridal party, etc. and being able to handle the unexpected. b/c the unexpected will happen.)

Rachel said...

Yay! More pictures. It's so great that you got the entire lead up to the actual wedding event photographed. And that bright dress really does make for great photos.

jamie said...

my husband's older brother married US too!
and, good call. I was *wicked* stressed organizing the welcome barbeque. it took an hour or so into it, when things finally starting flowing, for me to be able to relax.

Anonymous said...

It's so great that you had your photographer there! I'm not just saying this because I am one ;)

Joslyn said...

these are great...i love that gorgeous blue dress. i had both my parents walk me down the asile too. love that.

Melissa said...

That's so nice that you have really great photographs of all the events leading up to your wedding :)

Unknown said...

Hi Kristina, I actually would love your coordinator's contact info. Would she do a Los Olivos wedding?

kristina said...

Thanks so much all of you... so nice you all are. the blue dress was a total fluke. i mean i knew i was going to wear it to the party that night, but didn't realize how essential colors are in photos!

jora - The Colony Palms! it's great. unpretentious, but kind of swanky. you guys should totally check it out.

maggie - you need the DOC. we (and sky) wrote the whole thing ourselves too but seriously you do not want to be trying to tell you friends what to do. esp. as you are walking down the aisle. I second east side's advice.

east side - um, yes. a professional director would be handy in these sorts of situations!

genevieve - i know. i love those shoes too. unfortunately i spilled an entire martini on them that weekend so they need a good cleaning.

jamie & genevieve - srsly, having older brother marry us = best decision we made. for the entire wedding.

and Janine - Could you send me an email so i can email you Allison's contact info? your blogger profile isn't avail.


M & K's Home said...

I love your sunglasses! These pictures are fantastic! In all the weddings I've been in, the rehearsals are always fun!!! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so gorgeous. The backdrop!!!

And such a beautiful blue dress. You look amazing. I look forward to your posts all the time. Hah!

Unknown said...

Hi! I live in the LA area, do you mind sending me the contact info for your DOC. Thanks!

kristina said...

Shantel- Could you send me an email so I can pass on Allison's (our DOC's) contact info? your blogger profile isn't available.

Courtney said...

What useful tips. I love that you had your rehearsal photographed. What great memories. These are great photos. I love your blue dress.

Jennifer said...

Oh this was beyond lovely. Do you think I could also get your DOC's information? Thanks!


Brown Betty said...

Could you please pass on Allison's information? I am getting married in PS next year and need a DOC. Thanks in advance.

Milan said...

Beautiful! Where did you get those shoes!