Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Long weekend, mammoth

We spent a long weekend in the Sierras last weekend... Mammoth Lakes. My parents have a house there and we spend lots of vacation time skiing/snowboarding and lounging by the fire in the winter and hiking and lounging on the deck in the summer. It's a good set up for all seasons.

I also managed to take approximately 6 pictures the entire weekend, all of which pretty much sucked, but I'm posting a few anyway. Because I do love Mammoth and it is really beautiful even though I don't have the photo evidence to prove it.

We hiked to breakfast one morning and it seems the only pictures I took were of a burned out forrest from a fire in the early 90s. I do rather love the teeny trees finally making their come back around the old, charred trunks.

And I was pretty excited about this little piece of stonework on the side of the vintage diner in Red's Meadow.

I spent the rest of the weekend napping, reading, cooking (a little), and generally resting. The longer, higher elevation hikes have the absolutely breathtaking scenery but we opted to stay closer to home this time around. Some of us weren't totally up for the 20 mile day hikes of previous summers. Next summer for sure.

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Heather MK said...

I actually love the first photo! It's very stark, but beautiful!