Thursday, September 17, 2009

pumpkin babies + fig update

Hi hi. I'm down in San Diego enjoying a morning of pure leisure as I wait for the big wedding festivities to begin this afternoon. I find that I'm exceptionally gifted when it comes to mornings of leisure and that I should have them more often than not.

First, look at this:

That's one of the pumpkins from our wedding last fall that my mom has had on the deck behind my parents' house since October. And look what happens to pumpkins when you leave them be. They make their own little incubator for sprouts! It's kind of rotting and decrepit but I thought it was too cool not to post.

Next, Brock and I went back to the fig trees yesterday morning (after I made that card) and ravaged them. Okay, not ravaged but we took a fair helping. No one seemed to mind? I'm crediting you all for the encouragement.

So now what to do... perhaps I'll go for a swim. And then I have to go down to Cedros to see if they have anything new and exciting since the last time I was here. It's a ridiculous ritual really, but I can't seem to break the habit. And then we're doing a practice session of the ceremony with Brock's younger brother (who is Melanie & Sky's officiant), and then... Mariachis and mexican food and rehearsal dinner.

And today is my parents' 32nd anniversary. Happy Anni, 'rents!


Marian said...

That is quite the pretty picture of the pumpkin. Or maybe it is your artistic eye. But I have to agree, it does look cool

Unknown said...

That is so great how out of the rotten pumpkin grows new.


betty said...

Pumpkin? What pumpkin? That looks more like a darling little wax-paper parcel. How beautiful!

Hope you are enjoying the figs!

Caroline said...

I love that your blog captures life perfectly!!!! Have a fantastic weekend and I too, love days of leisure!!!

Sprouted Kitchen said...

goes without saying i adore the fig picture, but leisure mornings i love just as much.

Amanda Mae said...

THAT'S what happens to pumpkins! amazing! ... I couldn't figure it out at first... It looked like the sprouts were wrapped in wax paper. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

pumpkin = phyllo dough wrapped breakfast on your leisure morning... or so I thought.

ps. salutations and congratulations