Monday, September 21, 2009

the weekend: wedding

I didn't take all that many pictures, actually. When you have an awesome photographer on hand, it seems silly to take photos yourself, you know? But I did take a few during the actual rehearsal because Michèle hadn't arrived yet...

a rather large wedding party, all lined up and waiting for instructions

the beautiful bride

the happy couple

sunset over the ocean

here comes the bride (and her dad)

I can't wait to see their real photos. So excited so excited so excited.

Michael from the Flashdance was the dance party DJ and he was in. sane. Like totally killed it. I haven't had that much fun in months, seriously. Blatant, shameless promotion here, but if you're looking for a DJ you HAVE to hire him. I'm certain that if someone else had been on the tables, the party would have been way less fun. As Melanie said, he's like musical crack. And if our wedding was next year, instead of last year, I would hire him in a nanosecond.

While we were milling about the lobby, waiting for photos to begin, one of you lovely readers stopped me and said hello (What's up Melissa!). OMG. I cannot believe that there are people who read my blog often enough that they would recognize me. Thanks so much for saying hi Melissa. The wedding was amazing and you should totally plan yours at L'Auberge, if you can convince them to squeeze in a few more people for the ceremony. And hire Michael!

Besides a lot of wedding fun, I went to a yoga class taught my first friend in san diego (we met in kindergarten), Wren. Anyone in north county looking for a sweet little studio with an excellent instructor should definitely drop by her class. She teaches Saturday at 9:00 am and Thursday at 7:00 pm.

And we managed to squeeze in a stop at Roberto's on the way out of town. I haven't had Robertos in probably 10 years. OMG it's good. Why aren't there taco stands like this in LA?

Melanie and Sky are on their way to the Maldives. Happy honeymooning you beautiful people! We have such a rad family.


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

What a stunning sunset...the photos are going to be incredible with this light!

YEAH! said...

sheesh! thanks so much... that was a really fun bunch.

Anonymous said...

In that first picture of the bride she kind of looks like Rachel Zoe!

Seagrass Interiors said...

Thanks for the blog shout out!! I'm so glad I didn't listen to my fiance (who was telling me I was being a creepy stalker) and said hello!! I have already emailed Michael from Flashdance (hopefully he writes me back!!) and I have an appointment with L'Auberge on Thursday! Thank you for all the advice and I'll keep you posted!! SO fun meeting you!! - Melissa

Hali Bey said...

everyone always look so pretty in california

Melanie said...

oh i love being a blog subject! I do not look like rachel zoe. alas.

michèle said...

More photos up now on the blog! What a super fun wedding and it was great to see you and Brock again. And I couldn't agree more, The Flashdance was freakin' incredible.