Wednesday, February 3, 2010

project runway... love

Just catching up on a few episodes of PR. The burlap challenge was soooo good. I love this show. It's like the only reality TV that actually showcases legitimate, inspiring talent.

faves from burlap land:

images from NY Mag

The way she dyed the edges of the flouncy skirt is so neat. And I'm always up for a perfect mini. Will I ever wear one again? That's the big question I have at the moment.

Sometimes it seems like this is normal and that I will have a huge abdomen forever and people will stare at me and it will just be my life. But hopefully I will get a baby instead.


east side bride said...

silly lady. they will give you a baby. they just want to torture you some more.

Char said...

i really love the color of the one on the right

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Amazing what they can do with burlap!

Taylor said...

I completely agree with your thoughts on the show! And those were my FAVS as well....but boy there were some tragedies as well!

And of course you will wear a mini again! Sooner than you probably think!:)

One Love Photo said...

By far my favorite challenge in a long while-! So creative.

Kate @ {wit + delight } said...

I LOOOVED the burlap challenge! Amazing how chic burlap can look.

Modelmental said...

Kristina! Congrats on your beautiful baby boy!
I'm slowly working my way back-to-front through all your posts and hate to jump in just to argue but have to say: so you think you can dance is some pretty legit talent too, don't ya think? ;-)
Happy happy baby-time!

Reid said...

This is a great posst thanks