Monday, June 7, 2010

green things and the baby

All weekends should be three days long, that much we've established as fact. I of course have 3 day weekends whenever I want them at this point, but it's not really a weekend if Brock isn't home too. Which made this weekend way too short.

We did finally get our crib! The one we wanted was sold out everywhere until August or September, which just wouldn't do. But Brock found a floor model at Giggle in Pasadena and we got it for 30% off. Which we were well happy about.

Still waiting on the mattress however. I only ordered it three weeks ago. Is this not 2010? Don't things come in three days or less no matter what?? Apparently they make these mattresses to order or something. Supposed to be here this week. Baby is literally spilling out of his bassinet/stroller.


Okay maybe not quite. But he's just discovered his feet and also that he can decide not to nap, but instead play with them.

Radish sprouts are coming up everywhere. I love radishes straight out of the dirt.

And for dinner, baby turnips and their greens. Yumm.

And I desperately wanted to make it to Lily's show in Silverlake, but alas, the non-napping but very talkative baby had other plans.

Oh, and. Biggest news of the year.

He giggled for the first time last night. Like a real giggle. Ms. Lamott was right (as always); it sounded like bells.


Char said... beautiful - the baby giggles that sound like bells. it made me ache in the beauty.

The French said...

That's the best description of a giggle that I've heard of yet...too cute:)

I've made the same recipe with daikon radish and greens. Turned me into a radish fan:)

schiffy said...

What stroller is that? Did you already explain it in a previous post? If so, sorry to be annoying. ;-)

Unknown said...

Hi Kristina! I'm in the process of deciding on a crib mattress - what did you end up ordering? Would love to hear what you think of it once it arrives! :)

Joslyn said...

ooh a real giggle is the best.

ms. lamott is usually right...i'm just sayin ;-)

carolina postcard said...

Funny thing happened to me & my crib. I ordered the same one as you from a local boutique about 5 months ago. Well, then I got a call from the store saying the company factory had burnt down (yikes!) and that a new one wouldn't be in until the Fall. Darn! Well, I bought the floor sample at a discount and all worked out as it should :) I just hope baby loves it as much as me.

kristina said...

The French- sounds yummy!

Schiffy- We have a bugaboo. It's worked GREAT as a bed for the first 3.5 months.

Hi Barb! We bought a Naturapedic organic mattress. They have a bunch of different options, but here's the link to the one that's allegedly on the way to us:

Carolina- no way! THAT'S what happened. I was wondering why it was sold out for sooo many months. We both scored, didn't we? It's such a cute crib.

Katie said...

crib looks really cute!! i love the white and wood options...modern nursery has quite a few cute ones...and the sweatest polka dot bedding!!!