Tuesday, June 1, 2010

long weekend around the house

Shockingly we did nothing exciting for our long weekend. But I took some pictures of the nothing to share:

Cooking from the computer... which is always how I do it these days. Don't I need an iPad? I do. I could get a nifty stand (or the cheap version) and prop it up on the counter. It would be so modern and lovely.

That's Sprouted Kitchen I'm using for a variation on her peanut sauce.

We had stir fry

With kind of a Thai-ish peanut sauce. Which was DEEEE-licious. I never make a real sauce, but now I will. Gone are the simple days of soy, white wine, garlic and ginger.

We're on our second batch of peonies. GAAAAAHHH they are insane. They are way more beautiful when they're open. Have you seen peonies truly open? They are like 10 inches across and they fade to a pretty cream.

And while I was out back planting our veggies, Brock and Dashiell took a tour of the yard. They were so cute, I had to stage a dirty-handed photoshoot. I mean come on with the little camo hat. It's from Gap in case you need one.


The French said...

Will you please share said version of peanut sauce?

Such a cute pic!

Tiaz said...

Peonies are my favourite.
Beautiful post and family too you have here.

Caroline said...

Over the weekend I bought a bunch of pale pink peonies and put them in mason jars around my house ... instant bliss. What a beautiful family!! Love the photos as usual! xo

Meg said...

But quiet long weekends are the best kind, no? We had a little backyard party... where, for the record, one toddler took his first unassisted steps, and one baby scooched for the first time. But other than that just relaxed, walked everywhere. Didn't blog at all. Yay! Victory!

Gina said...

your flowers are absolutely beautiful as is your son :)

jamie said...

oh look at how cute your boys are!!!

great weekend! love hanging around the house more than almost anything.

Mrs.M said...

Your blog is wonderful, beautiful and magnificent! My morning starts with reading your blog. What camera and lens of you photograph. Pictures are great!
Kind regards,
Muzhaeva Anna
Moscow, Russia

Katelyn said...

Our peonies have pasted, but yours are fantastic!

Meg said...

I love peonies. Have you ever seen them open up in a garden? Little ants climb inside them and it forces the petals to spread. It's pretty amazing.

iheartkiwi said...

what a lovely lovely weekend!

i went to TJ's per your recommendation and came home with an arm full of peonies for my birthday brunch! thank you for the tip, they are beautiful!

p.s. that camo hat? adorable.

cevd said...

you need an ipad, it is by far the most wonderful kitchen tool we now have (i may be overstating that a bit, but it is dead useful).

sara said...

you little babe is SO SO cute! The flowers look gorgeous, and who doesnt love peanut sauce? Sounds like a good weekend to me.

Joslyn said...

looks like a perfect weekend and that stir fry looks fantastic!

i'm with you on the iPad...been feeling like i need one of those bad boys for my kitchen too ;-)

M said...

I too love peonies - aren't they just incredibly gorgeous?