Tuesday, June 15, 2010

note to self

It is not best to wear one's fanciest shoes to a cocktail party in a barn:

But see if I don't wear them to weddings, I will never wear them at all since I rarely leave the house for occasions that require me to put on clothes that do not contain at least 80% lycra... let alone high heels. So I had to just go for it.

Do not worry. They are clean and happy in their sleeper bag again.

Still in recovery from weekend away. The wedding was beautiful, Becky's dress was amazing. Hoping the photos are as lovely as the event. It turns out it's a wee bit less relaxing than it used to be to go away to a hotel. Not so much time lying by the pool and taking yoga classes at the spa. But they were serving one of my favorite chardonnays at the wedding so that was quite delicious.

More soon.


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

It just seems like the perfect kind of 'confetti' for a barn party! Happy feet indeed!

Caroline said...

Love your words here and very cute shoes. xo

Anonymous said...

So true...you'll remember this sort of thing when you are going to playgrounds with your son...sandals and wood chips can be a tricky combo.

Stacy (Little Blue Hen) said...

Since moving to oh-so-casual SoCal I have missed getting dressed up to go places! I gaze longingly at my racks of heels, toss on a pair of flip flops, and head out the door.

bigBANG studio said...

Peeptoe heels + cedar shavings = awesome wedding. Totally wort the eau de barn those shoes might have inherited.

lisa said...

I say rock'em when you can!