Monday, August 30, 2010

blabla kids

I am so in love with these little guys from blabla kids. Dashiell has one (clearly it's Dashiell's, not mine), and I wish we had ten. (you can see our lion in the crib). Prompted by a shout out on twitter from @blablakids, I remembered that I've been meaning to do a post on them for so long. Here it is.

They make dolls and mobiles and puppets and rattles and even a cute little line of clothes. Next time I'm in Atlanta, I will be stopping by their shop. Hopefully in November when Dashiell and I are planning to visit Judah and Laura in Athens. With a pit stop at Farm Burger, of course. They are rumored to make a mean quinoa burger.

Here are some of my favorites, very boy themed of course:

And I thought I was obsessed with their mobiles, but actually it turns out that I desire equally their entire line of birdie rattles. WE BADLY NEED A KNIT FRENCH SPARROW RATTLE AND ALSO A BLUE JAY WEARING A SCARFFFFFF.

I nearly didn't post my favorite mobiles, but then I could not resist. They are too excellent.

That was dangerous, spending so much time on their site, salivating over their wares. I had to close it quickly because I was about to start adding things to my cart, all willy-nilly like. Perhaps when we go to Atlanta I will deserve a treat.


ANV said...

Any chance of a blabla kids offering a discount for devoted Lovely Morning readers?

Caroline said...

I love them and I have no children to buy them for but I do have a precious little god daughter who would love all of them!! Love your blog oh so much ... I say this all of the time but hey it is the TRUTH! XO

kristina said...

AANV - Wouldn't THAT be nice? I would buy the entire website.

@caroline - Awww thanks so much!

Emily said...

I don't consider myself a big burger person, but Farm Burger is sooooo good. You will not be disappointed!

Cassi said...

The tie-wearing fox has to be my fav so far. These are dangerously adorable. Thanks for sharing! :)

Jenny V said...

I absolutely adore everything they make - especially the mobiles, I just wish they played music. Maybe we can convenience them to create a mobile that spins and plays music? So many out there that do that are UGLY!

Laurene said...

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