Friday, July 25, 2008

bride jewelry, aka things i need

Kay so with the wedding marching slowly closer. 3 months from today. (yay! gulp.) I am certain that I should be thinking about my accessories. No need to go further into detail here. I mean, brides need exquisite jewelry. end of story.

Look what I found:

Though actually I WAS sort of planning on wearing family jewelry. One piece from each grandma. From my dad's mom, I'm planning to wear a really neat necklace made from a vintage chinese poker chip, that her mom bought in Hong Kong before WWII. One thing I always forget to mention when I'm explaining this to people is that the pokerchip is made from carved pearl (NOT clay) and it's a little bigger than a quarter. It's really beautiful and I've always admired it. From my mom's mom, I'm planning to wear her blue topaz cocktail ring. Which is also pretty neat.

But see, I need earrings. So I had to start looking. And I found all these other things! I am in LOVE with the opal ring. It is completely perfect for our vintage inspired black and white wedding in a garden. And certainly I can find something to do with the brooches. and the 5 pairs of earrings.

My rings are also vintage inspired. So I'm keeping a theme, here people. So far I'm kind of into the first pair of earrings on the right, with the crystal drops and rose gold. My wedding band is also rose gold (with diamonds)... and if that's not a valid rationalization, I don't know what is. But then, I also like the round ones.

These are all from Fay Cullen and Ruby Lane.


Design Scouting said...

these are divine!

Nicole said...

I love vintage inspired jewelry for the bride. It adds a touch of class and elegance.