Thursday, July 31, 2008

summer of denim love

I love jeans. Love love love. almost as much as I love the late 60's early 70's stringy hair running through fields of clover with my banjo and bob dylan bo-ho thing. My friend amanda sent me this link with title "coolest jeans ever." yes, they are certainly in the running:

or else their totally rad photo shoot for their site is just tricking us. Either way I'll take a pair. Or two.



east side bride said...

Mmm. Also love the boots with the dress.

jora said...

So cool! I hope you don't mind....but I just used this in a post of my own. I gave you credit of course. ;)

antique lover said...

Th boots are fantastic.. a great match!

escort madrid said...

Here, I don't really believe this will work.