Thursday, July 10, 2008

paint chips are your friends

In the struggle to pick a "palette" for our wedding (ugh, who wants to be chained to one group of colors?) I became quite good friends with our neighborhood paint stores. Talk about the most excellent free resource out there. HUNDREDS of shades of hundreds of colors. Home Depot will work in a pinch, but swing by a real paint store and 1) your options expand and 2) the paint chips get bigger.

We are settling in to vintage floral greens, black, off white, and yet to be determined support colors. See my vintage flower frogs (which match my paint chips perfectly)? I have ~70 of those and we're using them for our escort card display. I was beside myself with happiness when I came up with the idea. Never seen it done before! I now know why. I have fought long and hard on ebay for my collection and between you and me, this hasn't turned out to be an inexpensive DIY project. But I am too committed to turn back. And they are so cute. I'll be selling them after the wedding if anyone's interested.


rebekah said...

I have a sick obsession with paint chips. We paint our apartment every 6 months because of our changing tastes. What a great idea for wedding inspiration!

kristina said...

I totally feel you on the re-painting obsession! it seems like every time we paint a room, I see something the next week that I like better... which also often includes buying all new furniture, art, etc. soo bad.