Wednesday, December 17, 2008

more etsy things to love

I've been trolling etsy. again. I can't stop myself. It's like a black hole once you start clicking,


makes the cutest little ceramics. just when i think i can never look at another owl, i see these teeny ornaments and NEED.

also, there is lilfishstudios

and her perfect felted acorns in a range of colors.

why are little, thoughtful things so irresistable this time of year?


Unknown said...

I'm loving this color palette right now. Just found a similar one of yarns the other day!

Unknown said...

I was referring to the felt acorns ;-)

Will you ever put 09 planners up?

P said...

I want it all. ETSY, YOU ARE THE DEVIL!

cevd said...

oh i need those owls too.

Anonymous said...

etsy is slowly eating away my soul, too. there are times that i am so tired at night, but i.cant. stop.looking.

karey m. said...


your bridesmaids looked stunning. but you? hmmm. is there a word better than stunning? you are it.

your smile could light a city.

i do enjoy this space of yours. well done.