Tuesday, September 22, 2009

okay fall, maybe just one wreath

Yesterday evening there was a distinct, breezy chill in the evening air. And admittedly, I kind of liked it. Maybe it's nearing the time of squashes and apples and beautiful shifted light. And wreaths.

The terrain online shop is all over the blogs and frankly it's kind of ehh. I mean you should go look for sure, but it just doesn't have THAT much stuff available. And a good portion is furniture. I don't think I'd buy an $1800 wooden sofa for our front porch online without seeing it first. But I imagine the actual brick and mortar store is amazing. I want to see that amazingness available on the internet, for those of us who live approximately 3,000 miles from Philadelphia.

But I might buy one of these beautiful wreaths.


millet - which smells really good when it's dried. I still have some leftover from our wedding arrangements.

magnolia leaves and poppy pods.

Now now protea wreath. I haven't made up my mind. You're still in the running.


Unknown said...

I wanted to buy the yellow wreath yesterday, but I resisted, maybe I should make one!

iheartkiwi said...

oh i do love a good protea... what gorgeous wreaths! definitely a departure from the normal fall flora!

paula said...

I wasn't going to do a wreath this year because of our new door knocker but that second wreath could just change my mind.