Wednesday, February 10, 2010

more gocco thank yous

Every time I finish a gocco project I wonder if it will be my last. Actually, I know this one won't because I still have a few more bulbs left. But when are the supplies going to disappear altogether? And should I get a Yudu? Does anyone have one? I definitely like that it's non-toxic...

For now, I still have gocco to print things like Thank You cards for our shower:

Pretty simple, but it was all I could muster yesterday at the computer. Now this morning will be spent actually filling them out and addressing them and stamping them.

I love checking things off my list.

Seriously though, would love to hear what people think of Yudu. Please share.


kd-m said...

I've enjoyed my yudu but I've found it to be a bit more temperamental than the screen printing I've done in the past and I can't get as much detail as I like. (i.e. probably can't get smaller than 11 pt type if there's a delicate serif). Also, after about 80-100 prints the emulsion starts to deteriorate a bit though I can usually patch it up with some tape to get another 100+ out of it. Maybe I'm pushing it a little too hard but I really do love it when it works!

I would recommend watching some of the youtube tutorials out there NOT put out by provocraft. I've found them to be a little silly but more helpful than the provocraft tutorials any day.

I wanted a gocco for years but because of the dwindling supplies never took the plunge. When the yudu came out it was the obvious choice for me me since you can print a much larger area.

Good Luck!

Sarah said...

I just bought a yudu for all of our wedding things, save the dates, invitations, etc. I never got a gocco because like kd-m, I was afraid of the lack of supplies. Here's the thing, its just more cumbersome. That's the only problem I have run across so far. I the non-provocraft videos and that should help. Please blog if you decide to get one!

Bridget said...

that thingamajig seems cool!! get one!

Katie said...

ohhh i wish i had a yudu! I think your simple thank you are lovely : )

Anonymous said...

Saw a post about Gocco supplies availability. Though I've never worked with either press, so I don't know how sufficient these are:

cevd said...

i don't like my yudu. i find it incredibly hard to obtain decent detail and ANY delicate(ness) in fonts. that being said i gave up on it pretty early. plus the whole making of a screen takes FOREVER compared to the gocco. and it is huge.

i do however use it to print things like shirts and bags. just not paper goods. maybe i like fine lines too much?

Amanda said...

Guess what? You are going to have a BABY.

I am so excited.