Friday, February 12, 2010

pieces of the baby room

Things are finally feeling sort of together in baby room/office. Still a few more bins of my crap that need to be gone through and mostly thrown out or given away... and still waiting on a package that's supposed to come today with FuzziBunz and washable diaper pail liners and things. And I just ordered Flor tiles for a rug. But I'm actually feeling pretty settled in here.

Want to see?

Blocks from our shower.

A few soft friends people have given us.

Birdie tray I found at Ikea for keeping diapering accessories in one place.

Pretty swaddling blankets from Lotta (Thanks Kendy!) and Aden + Anais.

And pretty quilts from Deja and Becky. Thanks girls!

A bit of decor.

Tees from Kate Quinn that just came in the mail. I couldn't resist. They're having a support Haiti, buy a $10 T-shirt sale. And baby tees seem so hard to find. It's onesies onesies everywhere.

Pillows on our 30 year old futon my parents have had since 1980. We stole it from the Mammoth house in December. A good substitute for a guest bed for now.

And more draft snakes! Though these are in our bedroom, where baby will be sleeping. I'm so confused about ideal temperature for baby. We sleep with huge down comforter and baby is supposed to sleep with one light blanket? How does that work, exactly? Hoping draft snakes will keep some of the colder air out.

And now friends, we've reached the 1 week mark.

I'm going down to the OC tonight for a girls sleepover to welcome home a friend who's just moved back from New Zealand. Brock is a little nervous about me going into labor while I'm out of town, but I've assured him everything will be fine. Right baby?


Katie T said...

You want to layer the baby with clothes, not blankets! That's where sleep sacks come in.

Nicoracle Photography said...

I love the bold graphics and all of the color. Very cute!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

the special baby items you have shared are so adorable! This baby is beyond loved already!

nicole said...

Wow, what an incredible room. Lucky baby! You have made quite a beautiful nest for him (or her). Congrats on all your fine work!

jora said...

love the room! those blankets are the best, by the way. :-) also, emilia is loving her sohpie the giraffe this instant. to keep the babe warm at night, layer with a onesie, a gown or sleeper and a sleep sack like this one:

you'll probably end up snuggling next to the baby, which helps too..... :-)

Cassi said...

You have fantastic instincts, and will do wonderfully with baby. I'm rooting you and Brock on for a healthy journey, and counting down the days. This is so exciting for you and your family. Congrats, best wishes, and keep thinking happy thoughts!

Jaime said...

What a gorgeous room! I have several of those IKEA bird trays that we served snacks on at our wedding - now they might get re-purposed when we have a baby!

Melinda said...

I heart that Owl, where is it from? I like that you're not finding out the sex ahead of time, people seem to think I'm crazy for wanting to be surprised about that. Good luck with the new baby!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous room! I love the fabrics and colors you went with! Very lucky baby!

Rhonda said...

I love the colors you've picked!
wonderfully cute!

I used to think the same thing about baby blankets being so tiny thin and then what to do when baby kicks it off...a cozy cozy footie sleeper is the trick!

M said...

What a great room and cute stuff :-) Waiting for your baby is really a special time, preparing and it is soo fantastic once you meet the little person outside of the belly :-) Good luck :-) xo

jenrau said...

you have amazing taste kristina. this baby is going to love its room!

kristina said...

Jora - we have one of those sleep sacks! yay. everything will be fine.

Melinda - the owl is by Ferm Living. And it plays the Brahms lullaby too.

tippaniny said...

Yes - sleepsacks are great inventions for many reasons!

And well, I guess you'll find out about onesies soon enough (or right now...they're good for erm...let's just say, keeping the diaper on...)