Monday, July 21, 2008

job-related angst

I am tortured by this on a regular basis:

I can't help but acknowledge that if I didn't design one of my projects, someone else would.

Secretly, I wish I was an NPR correspondent, asking smart, thought-provoking questions to people doing interesting and important work/research and then having the perfect follow-up to their answers every time. Does everyone struggle with this question of "Why?" when it comes to their profession... I wonder.

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Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, yes. Beyond the blog world, I'm a poet and a teacher and wonder every day about whether what I'm doing matters for anyone else or the state of the world. But seriously-- Can you imagine a life worth living without careful/beautiful/interesting/ functional objects and images? I would be lost. I bet it's the asking 'why' that makes you good at what you do and allows you to imagine new ways of thinking in your field.

Anonymous said...

the way the world will get saved is if everybody's mostly happy most of the time. The way that happens if everybody finds and does what they love, while helping other people find and do what they love. In short, you should defintely volunteer at a soup kitchen. Design their logo, design their dining room, design their fundraising materials, design the sign out front, design the flyers, design your middle finger before you flip it at the person who designed that bitter-little graphic.