Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the biggest day

From our honeymoon, Gertrude Street (our FAVORITE street) in Melbourne.

See, everybody has been waiting for this day. Not just us. I can't possibly sum up how important today feels in this quick post before the speech. Plus there are other blogger friends out there who have probably prepared something lovely, so I'll leave the heartfelt analysis to them.

I will just say that my happiness cup runneth over. And it's coming out my eyes.

PS. I happen to LIKE Michelle's outfit. Not many people can rock that color. Did you see her neat green gloves?


cevd said...

i loved michelle's choice of colors as well. the green gloves were a smash hit ... and so were the green shoes.

Anonymous said...

What a day---the whole world really is watching with hope and excitement!

And I loved her outfit too--really vibrant yet refined, and it's so cool that she chose to wear a little known independent designer. Can't wait to see what she wears tonight!

Rachel said...

I'm on the fence about the overall outfit, although I loved the yellow lace!
Woo-hoo! And I'll be eagerly looking forward to seeing the ballgown tonight.

Amy Lynne said...

Loved the green gloves. And from JCrew!

Kathy said...

Stumbled on you linked from another blog. This is lovely because I am a Melbournian and this is my hood. Gertrude st. Took a photo of this the other day, and have seen a few other people take photos too. Secondly... I also collect seed pods, Australian of course because that is local for me. There are some great australian jewellers that do castings of Australian seed pods in their work, like Marian Hosking and there is great new NMIT grad doing it. Lovely to see that you like the seed pods too!