Wednesday, January 28, 2009

sweet simple ring pillows

Constança sent me a really nice email the other day announcing her new little ring pillow biz on etsy. Aren't they cute? i love the plaid.

And she also has another shop , called Saidos Da Concha, where she sells all sorts of pretty handmade goodies... shopping bags, bibs, purse organizers (such a good idea). Actually, I need to post a photo these so you can see:

Right? Not more wallet lost in the depths of huge tote bag.

Constança, for the record, I lusted after that Orla Kiely tote for a LONG time. Such a good pattern.


Concha said...

:) Thanks so much for this lovely post! :)

This Orla bag was on sale and I just couldn't miss that opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Those soft wedding ring pillows are so cute! I am looking forward to see some more pictures of wedding pillows from your good source. I also love what i've seen at I have spotted one ring pillow there, maybe that could be the one I should pick for my upcoming wedding.