Monday, January 19, 2009

new skinny laminx

i meant to post this on friday, so i could say... "speaking of skinny laminx, i just checked out her etsy store and she has a bunch of cute new things!" but i waited until just now to post these. so i can't really say that. since you all know i was looking at her etsy store on friday when i posted the Heath photos.

i seriously, dangerously, semi-psychotically love her tea towels. i'm not sure i can buy anymore tho. i have many. but i don't like to use them because i don't want to get them dirty. koo-koo.

shower gifts, bridesmaid gifts, anyone? (you can turn any post into a wedding post if you try hard enough.) But really, these make super excellent pressies.


P said...

I, too, go nutsy fagen for tea towels. I have a pile of them that I won't use. They are simply for petting. I have visions of using them to wrap scones, but so far, no scones have been baked.

jora said...

You are too funny with your "semi-psychotically" and "koo koo"! And I can totally relate to these behaviors with certain much-loved products. I really want some of these tea towels....I saved her as a favorite seller some time ago, but have never bought anything. I know. Koo-koo!

Mrs. K said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing and good luck planning.

I'm in the process of planning mine too. I have some great wedding giveaways on my blog- check them out: